Video, go tech

This is just one of the many videos that good folks are making about the new editor. This one shows me how to customize the block functions in the code. Very tech, don’t try this at home kids. Well, go ahead and try it at home, on your own server, you are not going to touch the code on mine.

Great video, very tech, will help me to create better WordPress editing experiences.

Denise, i-c web
Get started on an advanced website that’s future-proof.

Above is an embedded webpage.  It is not really embedded, like an iframe. It is more like an elaborate link to another website with a page title and details included. Like embedding a webpage on Facebook.

You can do a lot with this new Gutenberg editor. The learning curve is there, and it will take a lot to really bring it to its full potential. But it is off to a good start. I see some bugs, just found a couple of them so for most people who are new to WordPress, or not that comfortable with it… wait for it. It’ll get there.

I’m Thinking About Getting This

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